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harry Chase
A friend found your webpage and the 2M FM simplex contest note yesterday...of course, the contest was over  
by the time I found out about it!
I am in Pepperell, MA,  but I have a good location and have worked a lot of Maine stations on 146.52.
i think this is a great idea to promote activity,  and maybe you might include the other VHF bands on FM only as well. A good "companion" contest to the existing ARRL vhf contest!
Looking for a small crank-up tower for field day .
In Maine only.
Steve Rabinowitz
WA2DFP needs Maine for WAS.  I would love to set up a schedule with a Maine station for 10, 15, or meters SSB.  Please send me an email.
Hello !
WOW it´s amazing, I'm the first Germany Single Operator in Class Low Power in the US-Maine QSO Party 2013 and in the result ranking 3. Thanks to all contacted US Stations and to the Awards Manager Thom Watson, W1WMG ! Thanks for the certificate, I hope we will hear us again (Maine QSO Party 2014) !

Have a nice Advent time and merry Christmas, 73 de Wolfgang, DL7FB
Scott A. Dunbar
Greetings Gentlemen (and Ladies I'm guessing),
Just a quick note to compliment you on your interesting website.  I am new to Maine (just moved from Ohio where my old call was KC8EAA) and
starting to get familiar with the amateur community up here in the Great White North.  So far folks are very welcoming and I have received very
little ribbing about my funny accent.  You folks seem to be having a good time enjoying our great hobby.
73 and God Bless,
Scott, K1NEO
KK4HYC - Andy
Great site and wonderful ideas. Hope you don't mind me borrowing some for my club in south Georgia. Thanks again for a well put together site.
Hello thanks for the contact on 21 Mhz 28/4/2013 congratulations for your site very nice and interesting thanks foor the your qsl I have already arranged to send you my QSL many greetings and see you soon in the air 73 Athos IK4MEE
WS1SM Announcement
Steve, K1MV, is selling 100' of Rohn 25G tower, with 3 sets of guys and associated hardware. He needs to 'move it out of the yard ASAP' and will take $400 for all of it. Please contact Steve at k1mv@maine.rr.com for more details.
N4WRD - Scotty Huff
Greetings, I'm a Maine native but have been living in the Nashville area since 1997.  I'm from Millinocket and graduated from USM in 1991.  I got my ham radio license in November of 2010 and love it.  Wish I was in the area to participate in your club, although we have a very active ham radio community here in the greater Nashville area.  We get back to Maine at least once a year.  Maybe one of these trips will coincide with one of your meetings or activities.  Till then, say hello to the great State of Maine for me, hoist a Geary's Porter or a Moxie for me!

73 Scotty/N4WRD
Bob Estes
Just starting to get involved, looking for testing materials, with any luck I can test at the march 11st tech level exam. I still have not found practice material, and have not been involved in radio for only about a week. I am intrigued and excited to become a member of this comunity
Great web page OM! Keep up the good work 73 de Joe, N5ATH South Texas ham
november 5 sierra tango hotel
Larry Emery - N1GDT
Enjoyed the projects section of your website.  Nice description and pictures as well!
Clif Smith
A lot of ham equipment that hasn't been used in 15years; including Kenwood TS 430S,paddles,antennas, cables, tuner, low pass filter,Kenwood 2 meter stuff, Mirage B23 144-148 MH2, etc,etc.

Moving sale this Friday & Sat 9/27-28.-6 Seaview Ave Kennebunkport 967-9719. Please call if interested. Rather sell it all instead of piece meal.

PLEASE CALL, hate to throw away good equipment. Ex KA1NWB from VT.
Paul Courchene
KJ6JBH  Recently moved to Maine.   Looking for a group that shares my interests in Ham Radio, alternative power, electronics, and just plain building neat stuff.  
WB1EJT Robert Ege
To anyone interested in a steal: have a ten tech mini D, ten tech model 229A tuner, ten tech power supply and speed  key for sale, one owner, fully functional, great condition. $599; pick it up in sanford, Maine, $500!  let me know
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